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Our warehouse will be closed Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day.


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By John Cobb Jr.David J. Lull

Cobb and Lull provide a fresh look at the book of Romans, unique from other interpretations in three ways. First, they interpret Romans as concerned with community salvation rather than focused on individual salvation. Second, they see its theme as GodÕs righteousness stemming from JesusÕ faithfulness, not individual beliefs. And third, Cobb and Lull approach the book of Romans more theologically than exegetically. They seek the function of the theological findings for PaulÕs day and for ours.

The authors take the position that PaulÕs teachings have been misrepresented, particularly his thoughts regarding patterns of morality, especially those focused on homosexual acts and the subordination of women to men. They claim that when Paul is more accurately read, there is much in his writings of which todayÕs church stands in dire need.

Lastly, Cobb and Lull explore the book of Romans through 19 theses: evil, sexual excess, legalism, life in the Spirit, salvation, JesusÕ death, justification by faith alone, faithfulness, JesusÕs faithfulness and our salvation, Jesus and Paul, election and predestination, GodÕs wrath and judgment, mutual immanence, the future, Christians and Jews, individualism and salvation history, hierarchical institutions, and economical and political issues.