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The Present Word

Chalice Press partners with the Presbyterian Church (USA) to offer quality Adult Bible Study resources for your group.
To order The Present Word or see samples, go to the Presbyterian Church (USA) curriculum site. For assistance with placing your order, contact or call (800) 533-4371.

The Present Word explores the biblical text and invites adult study groups into a deepened relationship with God. It nurtures growth in the Christian community, life in the Spirit, and Christian hope.This quarterly resource features an Adult Leader’s Guide and an Adult Student’s Book.

The Present Word Student’s Book includes Scripture readings, study materials with discussion questions, and a prayer after each lesson. It also includes biblical notes for the curious Bible student. Order one for each adult learner per quarter.

The quarterly Leader's Guide has step-by-step guidance for the teacher. Each week’s session is outlined with a full description of the materials needed. The quarterly also suggests supplemental resources to help the leader. Order one for each teacher per quarter.

The quarterly Worship Leaflets contain material for a short worship service to open each session. Order one set for each participant per quarter.

The Student’s Book and the Leader’s Guide are also available in large print versions.

Para asistencia en español con el currículo Crecemos en gracia y gratituds puedes llamar gratis: (800) 468-2398. Esta línea es para recibir ayuda y no para ordenar materiales.