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Every tax-deductible donation is doubled during our ongoing matching campaign! Thank you for your support.

Travel Guide to Christian Faith, A (Traveler's Edition)

SKU 9780827217201

By Dawn Weaks

A Travel Guide to Christian Faith has three components. The Before You Go booklet gives first-time seekers an easy-to-understand synopsis of the Christian faith. If they wish to learn more, The Traveler's Edition serves as a student workbook, while the Tour Leader is used by the instructor.

After reading Before You Go, this edition will further teach the reader about Christianity. At the same time the student is reading this book, the leader will be reading Tour Leader (sold separately) to help this new Christian with his/her journey. At the end of this book, the reader is given a chance to continue his/her trip with Christ in the form of baptism.


'Dawn Weaks's holistic approach gives attention to discernment, conversion, formation, and discipleship. This is the kind of tool we've all been waiting for, one that truly addresses the reality we face every day in our congregations. If you are looking for a progressive alternative to the Alpha series, this is the one."

Tim Carson, senior minister, Broadway Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri

"Mainline church people are starting to share their faith and to invite friends to church. Now churches are in a quandary: What do we do with all these people who are showing up when they don't know about church? When they don't have a clue about the faith? Dawn Weaks' A Travel Guide to Christian Faith is a gift. Participants can walk step by step into a Christian faith life with leaders who have resources and confidence."

Martha Grace Reese, author of the 
      Unbinding the Gospel Series


"Introducing the gospel is tricky business for most Christians. Often we end up as noisy gongs or clanging cymbals as we try to tell our story and the larger story of the Christian faith to our friends. Dawn Weaks' A Traveler's Guide to Christian Faith is so inviting, so intriguing, it can help Christians share the gospel as the good news that it is."

Keith D. Herron, senior pastor, Holmeswood Baptist Church,
Kansas City, Missouri

"Without the use of 'churchy' language Dawn Weaks offers both ancient resources (lectio divina, labyrinth prayer walks) and online sites for encouragement and challenge...She describes the church as 'the cracked mug that holds the drink of Christ' and helps each of us baristas fill the cups to brimming with a rich brew."

Nancy Ellett Allison, pastor, Holy Covenant United Church of Christ,
Charlotte, North Carolina