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Sabbath and Jubilee

SKU 9780827238268

By Richard H. Lowery


Each book in this series provides an in-depth look at a major recurring theme in the Bible and its lasting theological influence. The series is designed to enhance the reader's understanding of our biblical heritage and its relevance to faithful life today.

This book examines the biblical sabbath, sabbath-year, and jubilee traditions as part of a broader effort to reflect theologically on these challenges and points to ways we might build a global ethic of economic and environmental justice.


"This volume is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature explicating the socio-economic referent in scripture's 'salvation' story by way of the 'jubilee' theme. Lowery concisely but craftily demonstrates how the roots of this theme are developmentally intertwined with the distinctively Hebrew notion of sabbath. While most of his exegetical attention is to the text and context of the Old Testament, he also demonstrates the extended continuity of these themes into the gospels."