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Out of the Shadows, into the Light: Christianity and Homosexuality

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Edited by Miguel A. De La Torre

Conducting a nonthreatening and accessible conversation about an issue that is presently tearing many churches and denominations apart, Out of the Shadows, into the Light focuses on communication in hopes of creating reconciliation for the Christian community.

Out of the Shadows, into the Light originated from a 2007 conference  which aimed to discuss LGBTQ+ topics and sexuality within the context of Christianity. The conference included various perspectives, conservative to liberal, and encouraged open dialogues. Participants heard presentations on biblical interpretations, the role of straight allies, and more, which led to deep discussions. They kept journals, shared their challenges, and tried to understand different viewpoints. The conference helped people bond and move beyond sensational rhetoric on LGBTQ+ issues.

With views from multiple perspectives, Out of the Shadows, into the Light shows how leading a congregation to discuss this controversial topic can lead to better understanding and facilitate reconciliation in a church.

Contributors include:
Marvin Ellison, Larry Kent Graham, Janis Hahn, Luis Leon, Irene Monroe, James Oraker, Ken Stone, and Mona West.