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Passion for Christian Unity, A : Essays in Honor of William Tabbernee

SKU 9780827230101

Edited by John M. Imbler

This collection presents unique perspectives on a variety of theological themes, intellectual reflections, and cultural analyses surrounding ecumenical activities and relations with people of other living faiths. Twelve members or former members of the Phillips Theological Seminary faculty honor long-time president William Tabbernee through theseessays, giving a wide breadth of interdisciplinary exploration of issues around Christian unity.

Written in such a way as to invite readers into further conversations on the topic of Christian unity, this collection of essays includes authors from a variety of disciplines, religious backgrounds, vocational experiences, and research interests.

Contributors include:
Joseph A. Bessler, Duane R. Bidwell, Ellen Blue, Mady Fraser, Harold Hatt, John M. Imbler, Sandra Costen Kunz, Richard H. Lowery, Gary E. Peluso-Verdend, Don A. Pittman, Nancy Claire Pittman, Elizabeth Box Price, and Dennis E. Smith


“This volume does two things well: first, it celebrates the significant contribution of Bill Tabbernee in his remarkably successful tenure as president of Phillips Theological Seminary these past eighteen years. And second, it weaves together the rich diversity of perspectives from a wide range of academic areas of teaching—theological, historical, biblical, spiritual, environmental, and practical—all offering new insights into the meaning, vision, and challenge to all Christians in the pursuit of the unity and wholeness of the human community in the twenty-first–century context. And in so doing, these articles thus stand as a true honoring of the lifelong passion of Bill Tabbernee for Christian unity.”
—Robert Welsh, president, Council on Christian Unity

“This collection of essays from his closest colleagues is a fitting tribute to William Tabbernee as scholar, seminary president, ecumenist, and churchman extraordinaire. He has set a high standard in every field in which he has committed himself. In gratitude for his contribution to the worldwide ecumenical movement, and on behalf of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission, I am happy to commend this volume to all those interested in Christian scholarship, in the ecumenical quest, and in the life of the church.”
—Thomas F. Best, former director, Faith and Order Commission, World Council of Churches