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Your purchase and your gift help support our mission. Donate now!

Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation

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By George W. Bullard, Jr.


From The Columbia Partnership (TCP) Leadership Series

Full Kingdom potential, says George Bullard, is a journey, not a destination. To reach your full Kingdom potential, its pursuit must be your enduring passion and desire. Drawing on his more than four decades of experience in congregational leadership, Bullard offers not just another process for congregational redevelopment. He learns from the past to take congregations on a spiritual journey that is open-ended, custom-made, and locally owned. His focus is on capacity building in each congregation, calling for a narrative approach to futuring in the life of congregations that responds to new things God is seeking to do in and through members of the congregation.

From the TCP Leadership Series



“Some churches die because they have failed to follow principles of sound biblical and spiritual growth. This book is not just another church growth manual. It is a wise book that comes out of the anvil of thirty years of coaching churches from death to new life in Christ. If you want your church to mature and get beyond the preservation stage and to fulfill God’s will for Kingdom growth, then study, read, and pray through this book! Be prepared to change, get out of the rut and into the fullness of Christ’s mission for His people… and the Lord will bring renewal to your people and His Church!”
—Denton Lotz, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance, Falls Church, VA

“George Bullard has managed to do the impossible! Rather than simply describing the deep changes taking place in society and the need for the church to respond to this different world, he provides a resource that enables congregations to discover these realities for themselves. Instead of one model for response, he acknowledges the fact that congregations can respond in a variety of ways. In fact, he shows us that each of the responses that he outlines in his book can be effective in their engagement of the culture as the people of God. This is a tool that any congregation can use, a tool desperately needed in a time in which people are searching for a magic solution to the challenge of congregational life in the twenty-first century. George helps us understand that there is no magic solution, but there are choices that we can make to become what God intended the church to be.”
—Gary Nelson, general secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries

“This book, Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation, demonstrates why George Bullard has inherited the mantel of leadership in the critical arena of church vitality. Transcending consulting, George is helping church leaders, congregations. and other church organizations learn how to be ‘led by the Spirit’ rather than merely being driven by a strategic plan, to forsake ‘control’ and ‘management’ for a ‘spiritual strategic journey’! This is the one book about church vitality that every church leader should own and internalize!”
—Richard L. Hamm, church coach/consultant, and former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the U.S. and Canada

“Every Christian church is on a ministry journey. How does it assess the journey as it seeks to be true to the mission of Jesus Christ? George provides new insight and engaging steps to assist churches at all stages of their history to be true to their ministry and the mission. This is a new must-read book for church leaders.”
—X. Peter Wernett, Percept Group, Inc.

“George Bullard is one of the most innovative and effective church consultants and coaches in the church world today. His book Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation goes far beyond church growth. The work is bold, creative, and extremely practical. This book will assist churches and denominations develop a strategic, spiritual journey to reach their full kingdom potential. George has already taught these principles to our denominational leaders, and I am delighted that he has put these powerful principles into a book. Every pastor and denominational leader should have a copy of this challenging and practical coaching resource.”
—James D. Leggett, general superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church