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Support the work of a non-profit, progressive Christian publisher - every gift helps!
Support the work of a non-profit, progressive Christian publisher - every gift helps!

Staying Awake: The Gospel for Changemakers

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By Tyler Sit


Coming in April; available for order here in March.

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“This book is so smart, so fresh, and so bursting with energy for Spirit-led justice that it makes me want a do-over at being Christian.”–Barbara Brown Taylor, author, Holy Envy and Always a Guest

Jesus asks his followers to stay awake, which begs the question: stay awake to what?

Staying Awake is a practical exploration of Christianity for people who want to show up for justice and stay in the movement. Complete with stories, worksheets, poetry, illustrations, and a commitment to centering queer people of color, this book is here to support you in staying awake: to God, to the evils of oppression, and the world’s coming liberation.

In Staying Awake, you’ll discover nine practices of Christian community that will transform you to transform the world: worship; centering marginalized voices; spiritual practices; life together groups; sabbath; leadership development; generosity; planting; and putting it all together. 


"Tyler Sit and his Minneapolis-based congregation are committed to 'doing church' in ways that incarnate the ancient call to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. They've learned how to 'stay awake' to a world of harsh realities and life-giving possibilities. In this book, Tyler shares what they've learned. As he says, 'the church done messed up' by falling asleep. We can 'do church' only by keeping our eyes open to what is and what might be. Here's the story of a ministry forged in suffering and joy, one that provides living proof us that even in the face of death, we have access to a power forever makes all things new. We need a lot more ministries of this sort, and this book will help shape them."–Parker J. Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak, A Hidden Wholeness, Healing the Heart of Democracy, and On the Brink of Everything

"Tyler Sit is a craftsman of care and we are his apprentices. In Staying Awake, Sit artfully shares how he employs the tools of parable-like narratives, lived theology, and nine innovative Christian practices to catalyze change and build God's kin-dom."–Gregory C. Ellison II, founder of Fearless Dialogues and Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Candler School of Theology

 “Tyler Sit doesn’t just tell you what he thinks you should believe in order to be the kind of person that practices love-fueled changemaking while staying awake to what needs to be righted in the world; he pastors us through it in the pages of this book.”–Micky ScottBey Jones, Director of Healing & Resilience Initiatives, Faith Matters Network

"Staying Awake is a winsome and much-needed guide for anyone seeking to follow Jesus beyond the four walls of a church. Drawing on his experience as a pastor and activist, he presents disciplines that help to fan the flame of our faith and keep us engaged in the work of justice in sustainable and impactful ways. This is one of the most practical, thought-provoking, and frankly fun guides for living out the way of Jesus that I've come across. Christians everywhere need to wrestle with the lessons of this important book!"­–Brandan Robertson, founder of The Metanoia Community and author of True Inclusion: Creating Communities of Radical Embrace

“Tyler Sit is not afraid of the truth. It takes a unique level of courage and profound love for humanity to teach this intersection of radical Christian hospitality, queerness, and racial justice. This book is a holy disruption in necessary measures for this present moment and those to come.”–Gabes Torres, psychotherapist, singer/songwriter, and organizer

Staying Awake is the perfect antidote to death by doomscrolling. This book is brimming with practical how-tos for resisting evil, injustice and oppression through life-giving, spirit-nurturing practices. Want to dismantle broken social, political and economic structures? Rebuild flourishing eco-systems and communities? Tyler joyfully shows the way. I couldn't put it down."–Jenny Phillips, United Methodist minister and environmental strategist

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