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Thank you for purchasing directly from Chalice Press! We're grateful for your support.
Thank you for purchasing directly from Chalice Press! We're grateful for your support.

Renew Your Congregation: Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead

SKU 9780827232556

By William T. McConnell


Renew Your Congregation provides motivation to church leaders and gives direction for those in need of recovery from status as a dying or plateaued church toward becoming a transformed and transforming church. Based on his own experience as pastor of dying and of transformed churches, the author gives practical advice to church leaders concerning what they must do and what they must become for the church to become vibrant, energetic, and fun again.

Using examples and testimonies from pastors of various denominations across the country, McConnell shows both the dangers and the delights of leading a church transformation. He explains the necessity of spiritual and organizational changes and the pain endured in making them.



"Renew Your Congregation is a practical and profound resource for church leaders. Bill McConnell has a 'folksy' writing style and a great sense of humor that makes the book a pleasure to read and extremely helpful in understanding the spiritual journey of revitalizing a congregation. This book gives you the insights and wisdom of an experienced pastor with great spiritual depth to help your church face the exciting challenge of transforming your church."
—William H. Edwards, regional pastor and president, Christian Church in Ohio

"Can anything be more challenging than successfully leading transformation in a mainline congregation? Bill McConnell has done it! Spiritual renewal and lay-led ministries spark turnarounds. Bill teaches how in this readable book for ALL church leaders."
—Hal Murry, director of field education, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

"Although not a textbook, I wish Renew Your Congregation could be required reading for all mainline churches. As a successful pastor and an advisor to many churches, McConnell writes from a wealth of experience that is immensely practical and applicable. His 'Lessons Learned' at the end of each chapter are the icing on the cake. All church leaders and pastors who wish to move their church forward toward a healthy and exciting future should get this book!"
—Margo Woodworth, executive director, Net Results, Inc.