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Disciples, The (Paperback): A Struggle for Reformation (Paperback)

SKU 9780827206373

By D. Duane Cummins

The Disciples: A Struggle for Reformation discusses the total history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Furnishing information on the past two centuries of the denomination, Cummins follows the writings of Disciples' history and reformation.


"Rather than merely retelling earlier accounts, it offers new perspectives on many subjects and includes the first comprehensive treatment of the background, process, and consequences of Restructure. This book is a must read for contemporary leaders of the Disciples of Christ."
—D. Newell Williams, Moderator, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); President, Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University

“This book rests firmly within the tradition of all Duane Cummins’ books: readers will find that the writing is crisp, the story is interesting, the style is accessible to all audiences, and the author’s concern for the integrity of the Disciples plea (past, present, and future) is abundant.”
—Mark Toulouse, Brite Divinity School

“Historian Duane Cummins brilliantly sets the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) within the framework of both the enlightenment—its rational, scientific thought—and the American religious awakenings with their spiritual, evangelical fervor. But Cummins’ skill also is in painting vivid pictures and anecdotes of the characters that inhabit the framework.”
—Robert Friedly, vice president emeritus, Office of Communications, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

“Cummins has traced succinctly the story of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with a welcome emphasis on Disciples’ restructure and developments early in the twenty-first century; a very readable history!”
—Lester McAllister, professor of church history emeritus, Christian Theological Seminary

“D. Duane Cummins, a combination historian and churchman, has given us a history both highly readable for the layperson and insightful for the scholar.”
—Peter Morgan, president emeritus, Disciples of Christ Historical Society

“We have been trying for years to gain a clear picture of how the restructure of Disciples in the late twentieth century fits within the overall history of our faith movement. Here is the portrait, painted in bold colors and showing for the first time not only where we have come from, but also why our story unfolded in the way it did.”
—Glenn Thomas Carson, president, Disciples of Christ Historical Society