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Faith Leader Facilitator's Guide

SKU 9780827210424

By Beth Pattillo


Faith Leader is a 28-session, small group experience in spiritual leadership development.

Spirituality--the depth of relationship with God, self, and others--is the core of Faith Leader, which grew out of the desire to help people within the local church grow as spiritual leaders. Through twenty-six weekly sessions and two retreats, Faith Leader participants will discover authentic ways to engage in leadership in their congregations and in their communities.

This Facilitator's Guide offers wisdom and instructions on structuring Faith Leader groups and sessions, including such issues as who might participate, how to set the tone of discussions, embracing the diversity of experiences and opinions in a group, and so on. Suggested session plans and retreat schedules will ease concerns about the details of serving as a Faith Leader facilitator.

This book is used in conjunction with the set of four Faith Leader Participant's Guides.

CORRECTION for page 30 of Faith Leader Participant's Guide I (Click to download)