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Preaching to Pluralists :How to Proclaim Christ in a Postmodern Age

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By Chris Altrock


Effective evangelistic sermons require preachers to know their audience and to tailor their preaching accordingly. Chris Altrock uses findings of the Barna Research Group and his own experiences as a preacher to support his descriptions of several characteristics common to the unchurched or the lost crowd today. Recognizing that the audience today is vastly different from previous generations, Altrock suggests several approaches to these postmodern listeners, challenging preachers to change in order to reach the Òfield of harvestÓ that Jesus calls the church to love.


“Chris Altrock understands well the postmodern mind and the postmodern age in which we live. He understands well what it will take to communicate the gospel to the postmoderns. But even more than what he understands, he articulates passion to reach the lost when very few American churches are doing so. Open your mind and open your heart as you read Preaching to Pluralists.”
—Thom S. Rainer, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“Learn what’s missing in our pulpits, learn who’s sitting in our pews, and learn what’s needed in our preaching. Preaching to Pluralists is a brilliant look at how to reach our changing culture. It should be required reading for anyone preaching who truly desires to reach the lost. It is the best explanation of what is going on in our confused but searching postmodern world.”
—Dudley C. Rutherford, Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch, California

“Chris Altrock knows preaching and knows postmoderns. As you will see in this book, he loves both. Chris is passionate about framing the gospel for postmodern ears and for preaching in such a way that postmodern listeners can receive and be transformed by the gospel.”
—Jack Reese, Abilene Christian University