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2022 Royalty Information

Greetings from Chalice Press. You're reading this because you've read the final paragraph of your royalty statement. Thank you for your attentiveness.
Keep in mind this is income for 2022. You do not need to include it in the taxes you're about to submit; you'll report this in about 12 months.

Contact information:
For all authors, we need your email address. If you received your statement via your preferred email, you're good to go. If you received a paper statement or if you want to change your mailing or email address, please complete this form to ensure your contact information is correct. It only takes a moment. Thank you.

Payment information:
If your cumulative earnings exceed $10.00, or if your book is being placed in out-of-print status, here’s what to look for regarding your payment:
  • If you have already accepted an emailed invitation from, and set up your bank account in your profile, your payment will be transmitted electronically.
  • If you have not accepted an emailed invitation, look for a separate paper mailing. Keep a close eye on your mail; checks from can look a bit like junk mail, but they are indeed valid! Checks will be mailed no later than Thursday, March 31.
  • If you are an international royalty recipient, your payment needs special attention. You will be required to setup a account with your bank details so that we can send a wire payment.
Supporting Chalice Press' ongoing ministry:
Thank you for the privilege of publishing your book. Your tax‐deductible gift helps make possible the work of our authors and our publishing house. Thank you! You can a donation online at or email Chuck Blaisdell, Development Consultant, at

Brad Lyons
President and Publisher