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Chalice and Warner Press

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, September 18, 2019 by Brad Lyons

Chalice Press, the Disciples’ publishing house, is partnering with Warner Press, Inc. to print, sell and distribute weekly bulletins for Chalice Press through their bulletin subscription service.

Warner Press, located in Anderson, Indiana, since 1906, publishes and distributes Christian products worldwide, including ministry resources, church supplies and bulletins, kids’ books and greeting cards.

Warner offers six different lines of pre-printed bulletins to be shipping each quarter. Costs vary depending on quantity and size ordered. To see samples or to sign up for the Worship Bulletin Subscription Service from Warner Press, go to or call Warner Press at 1-844-639-0240 and ask for Debbie.

Ordering from Warner Press also supports Chalice Press: When Disciples congregations order from Warner, Chalice Press receives a commission on the sale. Be sure to mention your affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!

“Forming a partnership like this allows us both to efficiently and economically equip the churches to do what they do best, ministry,” said C. Eric King, President and CEO of Warner Press.

“Warner Press produces beautiful, inspiring resources that will be a great match for Disciples congregations,” said Brad Lyons, President and Publisher of Chalice Press. “Beyond bulletin covers, Warner has many resources that Disciples congregations often make in-house, spending more in time and resource than they would if they ordered from Warner. It’s a great way for congregations to save money and time.”