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Download 30 Love Notes from God Today

In these challenging times, could you use a personal message from God -- just for you, just for today?

In this special 30-day devotional from author and activist Sandhya Jha, discover daily love notes from God, designed to fill you with hope and comfort and connect you more deeply with God and all of God’s beloved.

When the world is scary and comfort is in short supply, Liberating Love provides a daily message of encouragement and hope. Hear the voice of a loving God connecting your life with the Bible’s many stories of imperfect people facing real challenges. Drawing from all 66 books of the Bible, each devotion includes scripture, a brief meditation, and a word of hope, encouragement, and challenge that will help you foster a deeper relationship with God and with the great diversity of God’s beloved children. 

The 30 devotionals are excerpted from Liberating Love: 365 Love Notes from God.

Download the free devotional and deepen your relationship with God today!