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Progressive Christian Voters Guide

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UPDATED with new chapters on immigration, peacemaking, and more!

Don’t leave Christ to the politicians.
Get the Progressive Christian Voter’s Guide and take the radical, justice-loving Jesus with you into the voting booth!

The still, small voice of God struggles to be heard over the voices of the loudest candidates espousing anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic, anti-LGBT sentiments—especially when they use God as their source. How do we get heard?

In the 35-page Progressive Christian Voter’s Guide, leading progressive Christians — such as Brian McLaren, William Barber, Lisa Sharon Harper, Jennifer D. Crumpton, Derek Penwell, and Walter Brueggemann — help you:
  • understand and value the power of your vote
  • get biblical support for matters of justice that show up on party platforms and in ballot measures
  • rest assured knowing there are others thinking and voting like you!
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