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Borderland Churches: A Congregation's Introduction to Missional Living

SKU 9780827202382

By Gary V. Nelson

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From The Columbia Partnership (TCP) Series

Borderland Churches is a call to embrace the pluralistic, post Christian and postmodern culture with a sense of opportunity and hope. The author uses the image of the church crossing over into an "in -between time." A place where faith is lived outside the walls of the church engaging the community in incarnational ways. To live in that "precarious but exhilarating place where faith and other faiths and no faith meet." Only individuals and congregations that accept this new reality will be able to carry on Christian ministry in this new cultural situation.

A TCP Leadership Series title


“At last! A book about being missional that doesn’t beat up on the church! A ‘must read’ for pastors and church leaders taking seriously the mission of Jesus. But don’t expect a superficial read. Gary Nelson disturbs complacent Christians into a journey in the borderlands of faith, where genuine followers of Jesus learn to hang out with the kinds of people Jesus counted as friends. The church may never be the same again.”
—Brian Winslade, National Ministries Director, Baptist Union of Australia

“Nelson's great gift in this book is taking the rich theological and conceptual frameworks of the missional church and bringing them into the everyday world of ordinary congregations, daring them to embrace the precarious but exhilarating borderlands of culture ‘where faith, and other faiths, and no faiths meet.’”
—Janet Clark, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto

“I am thrilled to commend Gary Nelson’s book. During my years in Canada as a chaplain, pastor, and professor, I have longed for someone to write an indigenous, missional theology for Canada. Nelson has fulfilled that longing with clarity and insight. His knowledge of the Canadian context and of missional thinking informs every page. This is pastoral wisdom at its best.”
—Jonathan R. Wilson, Carey Theological College, Vancouver, BC

“Gary Nelson’s Borderland Churches offers an accessible and passionate invitation to explore new ways of doing church in a time of rapid change. This book is an engaging blend of theology and practice that deals with the new location of the church in contemporary society."
—Kurt Fredrickson, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California

“Gary Nelson's momentous book should be on the must read list of every pastor and church leader. In the radical shifts of postmodern culture, church communities must change their understanding of their place in society. Nelson provides both wise theological grounding and superb practical suggestions for that urgently needed transformation of congregational life. This book is crucial for our times!”
—Marva J. Dawn, author of Reaching Out without Dumbing Down and Truly the Community