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Coloring Holy Week (Downloadable PDF)

SKU 9780827206724

By Jesse Turri, Natalie Ann Bower, and Christopher D. Rodkey

Book Preview

Download 25 coloring pages and get ready to color the Easter story! 

For Personal/Family use only. For a Reproducible Version that you can share with your congregation, click here.

NOTE FOR PARENTS:  These coloring pages are more mature in content than a children’s coloring book. Images includes Jesus on the cross. If using with children, adult supervision suggested.

From Jesus’ arrival into the Holy City on Palm Sunday to his astonishing resurrection on Easter morning, Holy Week is one of the most anticipated and glorious stories of our tradition. This year, as we worship and celebrate Easter week from the safety of our own homes, download this special collection of coloring pages depicting the holy events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection and get ready to join the Easter story more intentionally and prayerfully than ever — on your own, with your family, and even your online community.

In this new downloadable PDF, you’ll receive 22 coloring pages from Coloring Lent and five bonus pages from Coloring Women of the Bible. Each of the beautiful original images from illustrators Jesse Turri and Natalie Ann Bower is accompanied by a scriptural reflection by Christopher Rodkey and offers a powerful moment of embodied prayer as you color and contemplate each story with your own swirls, patterns, and reflections.

Color the pages alone, or color the pages with your family this Holy Week, and color a more beautiful Easter than ever before.

Downloadable electronic PDF only; there will be no product shipped.

Praise for Coloring Lent

“A friend recently sent me Coloring Lent, a gorgeous adult coloring book that combines beautiful Lenten themed pictures with evocative meditations based on the resurrection story. When I need to just breathe for a few moments, or when I’m pondering a dilemma or need to calm down, I find a few minutes to grab my pencils and this book, and I get lost in the contemplative act of filling in lines. It’s soothing, like the best of childhood memories, and I always come away from my time with this book refreshed.” ―Kerry Connelly, Jerseygirl, Jesus: Faith With Attitude

"This is a pictorial, verbal, and theological journey through death, resurrection, and transformation. The image of 'Cloud' is a repeated theme in the writing and coloring templates. I like the coloring pages and the short, unique commentary with references to Scripture passages. The drawings are not too detailed or complicated. There is lots space for brainstorming words or adding my own doodles (which I love to do). My husband looked at it and said, 'These are coloring pages I would actually enjoy.They are not too overwhelming or intricate.' Another plus is the pages are not two-sided, so colored pencils and markers will not cover another drawing or text. Since I like to use markers, I would insert a sheet of paper between pages when I colored."―Sybil Macbeth, "Let There Be Lent," Praying In