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Following the Way Fellowship of Prayer Lenten Devotional 2018: A Lenten Devotional

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By Bethany Fellows
edited by Nannette E. BanksLaura PhillipsLara Blackwood Pickrel


What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? How do we walk with him along the way?

The earliest Christians were referred to as "followers of the way," and the prophet Isaiah spoke of what it would take to prepare the way for the arrival of God's anointed one. A focus on the way of Jesus as laid out in John's Gospel helps us follow in his footsteps and see both his choices and priorities; reminders from Isaiah help us see that the way of Christ is rooted in justice.

Join us this Lent as we follow the way: the way to the Lord, the way of Jesus, the way to the cross...the way to new life. Each daily devotion includes a scripture, reflection, and closing prayer.

Following the Way is edited by Nanette Banks, Laura Phillips, and Lara Blackwood Pickrel, and written by The Bethany Fellows, a collection of pastors in the first five years of professional ministry.   

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