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How Coffee Saved My Life: And Other Stories of Stumbling to Grace

SKU 9780827214569

By Ellie Roscher


Based on the author's true life experiences, How Coffee Saved My Life is a funny, tragic, provocative and touching story of a rich, white, North American overachiever who spends a year in Uruguay in hopes of becoming a more responsible and sensitive member of the global community. Throughout the book, vignettes tied to the Spanish language flow from observation to theological analysis.


“At age 25, author Roscher, a self-described rich, white North American overachiever, decided to spend a year in Lascano, Uruguay… Roscher in her diary reveals how she struggled for survival physically and emotionally. Her spirit, too, was tried and tested and, eventually, flourished beautifully. The author’s yearlong mission is riveting and wildly adventurous in both the content and style of this poignant memoir. Readers will be rightly amazed and pleased at how much aged wisdom emanates from such a young soul.”
Publishers Weekly

"Failure and accidents have many positive bonuses if you take them right. How Coffee Saved My Life: And Other Stories of Stumbling to Grace is an inspirational memoir from Ellie Roscher drawing on her own experiences and what she has learned through her own bumblings through the world and offers much wisdom. How Coffee Saved My Life is proof that poignancy and sage advice can come from any age."
Small Press Bookwatch by The Midwest Book Review

“Anyone considering international service will benefit from reading Ellie’s engaging account told with candor, honesty, and a good measure of earthiness. In the swirl of cross-cultural confusion and perplexing relationships that are beyond her control, Ellie encounters a multitude of grace-filled moments and discovers that God has accompanied her all along the journey.”
—Stephen J. Nelson, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Global Mission

“These pages are full of amazing quotes and insights from spiritual leaders throughout the ages and Ellie’s own earthy struggles ranging from stomach problems to poverty, from the depths of loneliness to intense fellowship with her children and a newly adopted culture. The insights of this book are a must-read for anyone preparing to undertake the challenges of cross-cultural ministry.”
—Rick Bliese, Luther Seminary