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If Christians Were Really Christian

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By John Killinger


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In the world today churches and church members are often diverted from their central mission of loving others and interpreting life through the vision of Jesus Christ. If Christians Were Really Christian shows that with the message we have been given and the spirit of God to lead us we should have led everyone to the kingdom of God.

The book is a reminder of how often we have broken trust with Christ in the most essential elements of our discipleship, and how effective our churches can become if we recover the central thrust of our ministry--following Christ and modeling his message in our deeds as well as our words.



“The precision and eloquence of John Killinger’s vocabulary in If Christians Were Really Christian not only brings challenge and conviction to our discipleship, but also hustles assurance and re-direction to our faith. Thanks to Killinger for reminding us that of our faith in Jesus Christ is at once simple and profound, practical and idealistic...really!”
—David Tullock, pastor, author of The Shepherd’s Crook

If Christians Were Really Christian unveils the power of Christians to crack open the hardest heart. John Killinger answers questions that skeptics and non-churchgoers continue to ask. Writing with the insight and clarity that has characterized his numerous books, Killinger uses stories and illustrations from his own ministry to pierce hearts so that personal answers can emerge that can radically change the way Christians do Church and life.”
—James E. McReynolds, pastor, First Christian Church, Weeping Water, Nebraska

“Once again Dr. John Killinger gives us insight into what it really means to be a Christian. If Christians Were Really Christian depicts the gap between who we are as Christians and who we could become if we truly followed Christ. He challenges us to move beyond being ‘tepid’ Christians content with ‘first-gear’ spirituality and ‘flavor-of-the-day’ shallowness, calling us to deepen our belief, broaden our love, and step beyond our divisive and materialistic culture. His stories take us around the world and span the centuries, enlarging our concept of the Christian life and offering encouragement for the journey.”
—Marilyn Brown Oden, author of Hospitality of the Heart