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One Gospel, Many Ears: Preaching for Different Listeners in the Congregation

SKU 9780827227163

BJoseph R. Jeter, Jr.Ronald J. Allen


Every time a congregation gathers for worship, many different people, from different points in life, with different needs, and perspectives come together, each refracting messages through their own lenses. Each person processes communication in ways that are influenced by age, gender, race, personality type, ethnicity, education, and social and economic background. Jeter and Allen explore how these factors affect the ways in which members of the congregation receive and process sermons, and how the preacher can optimize the opportunity for each to hear and understand the gospel and one another.


“The legacy of Pentecost, ‘each in their own language,’ presents the preacher with both opportunities and challenges. Jeter and Allen invite preachers to explore this important dimension of preaching as they move into a world of increasing diversity and multiple cultures.”
—Lucy Lind Hogan, Wesley Theological Seminary