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Your purchase and your gift help support our mission. Donate now!

Organic Student Ministry: Trash the Pre-Packaged Programs and Transform Your Youth Group

SKU 9780827227583

By Stephen Ingram


Do you find other youth ministry programs promise you can Òplug and play,Ó only to fall short of expectation, forcing you to Òadopt and dropÓ? An organic student ministry allows each student ministry to exist and live in its best possible way, its natural way! In his book Organic Student Ministry, acclaimed youth ministry author Stephen Ingram shows you how to:

  • Develop practices instead of just programs
  • Minister to students where they are instead of spending your time pleading with them to Òget with the programÓ
  • Focus on a way of doing ministry that grows naturally from the distinctively rich and fertile soil of your unique church

ÒStephen Ingram is the ÔSteve Jobs of the Youth Ministry world.Õ IÕm hard pressed to recall anyone with the inventiveness and informed creativity of this young man.Ó –Mark DeVries, president, Ministry Architects



"It seems like many years ago now when Stephen first shared with me his ideas about Organic Student Ministry. After reading an early draft, I knew he was onto something profound. I could see immediately the authentic ring of ideas proven in the crucible of actually doing ministry week in and week out with young people.

Though Stephen has already contributed quite a number of books to the youth ministry conversation, Organic Student Ministry introduces clearly and provocatively Stephen’s innovative, signature vision for ministry. I am thrilled that, at last, Stephen’s timely and distinct approach will be added to the vocabulary of those seeking to do faithful work with a new generation."― Mark DeVries, founder of Ministry Architects and author of Sustainable Youth Ministry

"The keen mind of Stephen Ingram permeates throughout this book. Organic Student Ministry is chockfull of smart, savvy youth ministry wisdom. You won't find quick, shot-in-the-arm fixes for programming. Instead, you should read each chapter like its a treasure chest: with a yellow highlighter ready to put each gem into pragmatic practice." ―Stephanie Caro, author, speaker, senior consultant for Ministry Architects

“Forget the growth hormones! Stephen Ingram calls everyone who cares for young people to get our hands dirty in the organic soil of student ministry. Drawing on years of experience in ministry and consulting, Stephen will help you assess the particularities of your ministry context and determine what to plant and what to prune in order to promote long-term growth and sustainability. This book is required reading for anyone seeking fresh visions for youth ministry.”― David M. Csinos, author, speaker, and founding president of Faith Forward (

"Stephen Ingram is a seasoned youth pastor who gives invaluable and practical wisdom that will help cultivate your youth ministry into a vibrant growing member of the body of Christ. From pruning dying programmatic ministries to generating new practice-based ministry experiences, Ingram will take you on a journey that is sure to enhance your youth ministry." ―Brandon K. McKoy, pastor and author, Youth Ministry from the Outside In: How Relationships and Stories Shape Identity