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Relig-ish: Soulful Living in a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious World

SKU 9780827203020

By Rachelle Mee-Chapman


When it comes to religion, “choose one” is no longer your only option. You can be spiritual-but-not-religious—or not particularly religious at all—yet still have a robust system of beliefs and values that guides you. Creating your own set of eclectic spiritual practices is not a sign that you are a faith-less person but rather a faith-ful person responding with honesty to an increasingly expanding world. If religiously attending church isn’t helping you live out your values in everyday ways, becoming relig-ish may be the answer!

Rachelle Mee-Chapman’s new book Relig-ishwill help you:

  • Create a set of spiritual practices that fit into your daily life and honor the things you value most.
  • Develop right-fit spiritual practices for yourself and your family outside of going to church.
  • Shake off harmful religious messages and embrace truths that won’t damage yourself or your soul.
  • Build bridges towards your religious family members by identifying the common values that are the bedrock beneath your beliefs.
  • Discover that your soul is not at risk and you are not lost in your wondering, wandering post-church world.

Are you relig-ish? Watch this video:



"In this enthusiastic, practical manual for the spiritually inclined, Mee-Chapman, a former ordained Christian minister, aims to help enrich the faith lives of the "spiritual but not religious" by employing a build-your-own-spirituality approach, complete with a 'relig-ish tool kit' that contains a ritual-rich scaffolding for one's spiritual inclinations. Mee-Chapman is a enthusiastic, upbeat guide and all-inclusive: all are welcome in her relig-ish tent, regardless of religious background or spiritual or nonspiritual present. This effort is not unique or new; many writers, such as memoirist Elizabeth Gilbert and the esoteric Meggan Waterson (who, like Mee-Chapman, calls herself a spiritual misfit), have published self-help books for this audience. But as more former believers look for spiritual structure without formal religion, diverse efforts to reach this audience becomes necessary, and Mee-Chapman skillfully fills this niche for younger readers. This slim, accessible volume will appeal to thoughtful, open-hearted, and theology-minded seekers." ―Publishers' Weekly, 8/15/16
"Reading Relig-ish is like sitting down with a sage friend. Rachelle Mee-Chapman has taken the conversation about being spiritual but not religious to a refreshing new perspective. She helps wayward-formerly-churched souls create spiritual practices that are a right-fit and authentic. Relig-ish is for those of us who didn't really lose our way after we stepped away from institutionalized faith... we just wandered into a great big wilderness full of mystery. Relig-ish is a helpful guide to have for the journey." ―Pam Hogeweide, mixed-media artist, blogger and author of Unladylike

"Rachelle Mee-Chapman is a spiritual soul sister. Whether you’re dealing with a case of post-traumatic church syndrome or looking for your own tribe, Relig-ish will help guide you along the way." ―Reba Riley, author of Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

"Although I don’t subscribe to any one religion, I’ve always felt a deep connection to something greater than myself. And I’m not the only one. I’ve met many other seekers over the year, just like myself, who felt the divine but just didn’t get the feels for organized religion. If you’ve ever felt that way too, then Relig-ish from Rachelle Mee-Chapman is the book you’ve been waiting for. The author shares her own story of leaving the church and defining her spirituality on her terms. She encourages the reader to examine their beliefs, redefine what spirituality means, and find their own individualized path too. With provocative questions, thoughtful practices, and wise advice, Mee-Chapman delivers a powerful book that will help all seekers live a sacred life in a way that is unique to them alone. If you are questioning your path or have already begun a new spiritual journey, Relig-ish might just be the wise guidebook to keep by your side as you move forward. " ―Theresa Reed, author of The Tarot Coloring Book

"My work is filled with women seeking ‘community,’ ‘belonging,’ and ‘home’— words that church often filled for many of us, or those who came before us, but that don’t seem to fit anymore. As Rachelle gives voice to those hungers, and so many others that humanity still needs even if we’re not religious, reading this book was deeply comforting and enlightening. Comforting, because she validates and says out loud the thoughts, fears, hopes, and questions that bounce in our hearts and minds; enlightening, because she stretches how we think, shines a light on possible next steps, and grants a permission most of us didn’t even know we have been waiting for." ―Shasta Nelson, M.Div., founder of and author of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness