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Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age: Building Bridges Instead of Barriers

SKU 9780827234611

By Edward H. Hammett


From The Columbia Partnership (TCP) Leadership Series

Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age explores the questions: How can we be faithful people of God in a postChristian, postdenominational, postmodern world? and How can we do ministry in, through, and as the church in an increasingly secular world? Author Edward Hammett draws on concepts from the ministries of Jesus and Paul as they ministered among persons unlike themselves during the birthing of the New Testament church. He offers a coaching approach and practical ideas to help leaders and congregations as they struggle to discern how to build bridges instead of barriers with the unchurched.

A TCP Leadership Series title



“Eddie Hammett is one of the best coaches I know. I’m not surprised that this book is filled with excellent ‘coaching questions’ and helpful evaluation tools. What makes his questions even more valuable is they are couched within his excellent comparisons of the church culture and the secular, postmodern culture.”
—Bill Easum, author of Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First: Rediscovering Ministry

“It’s not nice to ignore people, and it’s certainly not Christian. Yet thousands of churches are choosing to ignore vast segments of the populations whom God has placed around them. This is a book for those who are ready to move beyond simply ignoring the people who don’t ‘get church’ the way we do it. Pay attention to what is contained in these pages, and your church can discover a whole new world of beautiful people as hungry for good news as any generation we have ever seen!”
—Paul Nixon, author of Healing Spiritual Amnesia

“The church is not yet changing in a way that makes Jesus relevant to current times. If we want to be the hands and voice of God, we need to be with people differently. Eddie Hammett’s provocative book asks us to look at how we’re representing Jesus in the light of current times and to try on new ways of thinking and behaving. I am different as a result of Eddie’s distinct perspective."
—Linda Miller, corporate alliance executive, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Edward Hammett has written a ‘must-read’ book for congregational leaders in the twenty-first century who want to move beyond maintenance to engage in the mission of build bridges to the community rather than barriers. Filled with helpful and adaptable tools, coaching questions, and Web links, Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age serves as a guide for today’s emerging leaders who want to bring about transforming change to their congregations and their communities.”
—Eric Swanson, Leadership Network, coauthor of The Externally Focused Church

“Eddie Hammett has done a superb job of delineating the chasm between the culture of most established Protestant congregations and the secular, postmodern, post-Christian culture that reflects the emerging young adult generation. Then he offers clear counsel as to how congregational leaders can negotiate the transition. Eddie draws on years of rich personal experience in dealing with these issues. He also offers a wealth of resources…books, videos, Web sites, etc. This is a wonderful manual for congregational leaders who are motivated to be changed and to lead change.”
—Ed White, The Alban Institute

“Hammett offers a wide variety of insight, tools, and resources to help any church to move from maintenance to mission in order to build bridges into the lives of those around them. This is a ‘how-to’ resource I can recommend to any church leader who desires to make an impact for Christ in this secular age.”
—Gene Wilkes, pastor of Legacy Drive Church in Plano, Texas, and author of Jesus on Leadership

“Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get essential for heads-up church leaders, both volunteer (lay) and vocational (staff). By writing as coach rather than consultant, Eddie enables leaders to execute his ‘plays’ for ‘big wins.’ His practical relevance, drawn from decades of personal struggle and learning, produces practicable designs for bridging the gap between leaders’ practiced spirituality and a pervasive, and often perverted, secular culture.”
—Melvin J. Steinbron, Lay Pastors Ministry, Inc.

“This book is loaded. It is loaded with great information, great resources, and great insights. Having taught in seven seminaries, I would say that this is the kind of book that I want my students to interact with. It’s also a great resource for pastors, church staffs and leaders.”
—Frank R. Tillapaugh, auth