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Our warehouse will be closed Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day.

Ten-Minute Transformation: Small Spiritual Steps That Revolutionize Your Life

SKU 9780827237063

By Chris Altrock


In only ten minutes a day over forty days, you'll learn a dozen spiritual disciplines to deepen your relationship with God. You'll also learn and see how God can use even the smallest amounts of time to change you and the world through your actions. The average American spends about ten minutes per day in religious or spiritual activities. Do you believe you can experience a personal transformation if all you have is ten minutes a day? Or could these ten minutes be part of a more comprehensive plan for personal and global revolution? Could ten minutes be a mustard seed that God grows into something amazing? Pastor and author Chris Altrock believes it can!

Rather than complain about ten minutes being too insignificant for spiritual growth, Altrock teaches practices to maximize that time for personal transformation and real social change.

Are you ready for ten minutes to actually make a difference?



"We all want to be better. But, we often come up short -- we don't execute a plan, exercise persistence, or experience progress. Chris shows us a way -- 10 minutes a day, 12 spiritual exercises. Anyone can do this-- and grow spiritually!"
--John de Steiguer, president, Oklahoma Christian University

"A number of years ago Kenneth Blanchard wrote a series of books focusing on the One Minute Manager. My friend Chris Altrock captures the spirit of small change leading to profound impact in his Ten-Minute Transformation. Blanchard caused us to think about leadership and personal empowerment, but Altrock calls us to a closer walk with Christ. Just a few minutes a day on the way to a personal spiritual revolution. This book offers a roadmap for a profoundly important journey."
--Andrew K. Benton, president, Pepperdine University

"Chris Altrock’s Ten-Minute Transformation is a much needed entry point into the practice of the spiritual disciplines. As a strong advocate for these practices, I have found that many believers panic at the thought of adding any additional activities to their lives, even if desperately needed. Chris offers a non-imposing invitation into the essential disciplines. We all have ten minutes available at various times during the day. This book is greatly needed, well written, accessible to all."
--Earl Lavender, director of missional studies and professor, Hazelip School of Theology, Lipscomb University

"Chris Altrock's Ten-Minute Transformation begins with a seemingly modest proposal: give God 10 minutes a day for 40 days. But in truth this book is anything but modest. With an accessible and engaging style, Altrock deftly guides the reader on a journey through a series of spiritual practices that will draw us closer to God and transform our relationships, our attitudes, and our outlook. The message is timeless and timely, written for a world that is too busy, too distracted, too anxious, and too noisy."
--L. Timothy Perrin, president, Lubbock Christian University