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The Hyphenateds: How Emergence Christianity is Re-Traditioning Mainline Practices

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By Phil Snider


Can emergence Christianity help established denominations understand that radical transformation means more than a new worship service? When hearing complaints that church is irrelevant, can mainliners understand that reclaiming relevancy means more than changing meeting locations from church buildings to coffeeshops? Yes, say the writers of The Hyphenateds, as they show you how theyÕve done it.

See other 50% off titles in our Specials section Though the emergent church was once viewed as a fringe movement with little to offer established congregations, it is now seen as one of the central driving forces shaping the future of postmodern Christianity in North America. As an increasing number of mainline communities wonder how the emergent church influences their own structures and practices, this book brings together the perspectives of several of the most prominent ÒHyphenated Christians,Ó i.e. those with one foot in the emergent conversation and the other foot in the mainline church Ð Presbymergents, Anglimergents, Luthermergents, Methomergents, etc.

With a passion for both mainline traditions and the emergent conversation, ÒHyphenatedsÓ offer a vibrant and contagious vision of the ways in which the church might undergo the transformation necessary to faithfully embody the love of Christ in the midst of an ever-changing postmodern world.

The contributors of this book offer wisdom from a variety of contexts and The Hypenateds reflects the changing dynamics currently taking place in the emergent conversation.


Phyllis Tickle (foreword), anEpiscopalian, is one of the leading authorities on religion in North Americaand a much sought after lecturer on the subject. She is the founding editor ofthe Religion Department of PublishersWeekly. In addition to lectures and numerous essays, articles, andinterviews, Tickle is the author of over two dozen books on religion andspirituality, most recently The GreatEmergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why.



Doug Pagitt (afterword) is the founder of SolomonÕs Porch, a holisticmissional Christian community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and one of thefounders of Emergent Village. In addition to being the author of severalbooks (most recently Church in the Inventive Age and A Christianity WorthBelieving) he is a speaker, radio host, and co-owner with Tony Jones of theevent production company JoPa Productions.



Mike Baughman, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church,is a pastor at Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. Hepreviously served as lead pastor for an alternative worship gathering,veritas, in Fort Worth, Texas. Mike has lectured on theemerging church at Perkins School of Theology and leads workshops on postmodernpreaching and evangelism. He coauthored the book Worship Feast: Lent, contributed to several curriculums for Abingdon Press, Augsburg Fortress and Barefoot Press, and has authored articles for the Encyclopedia of Religious and SpiritualDevelopment.



Nadia Bolz-Weber, an ordained minister in the Evangelical LutheranChurch in America, is the organizing pastor of House for All Sinners andSaints, a Lutheran emerging church in Denver, Colorado. As one of the mostsought-after workshop leaders and lecturers on the emerging church, she hasbeen a featured speaker at numerous events including Christianity 21 and theGreenbelt Festival (U.K.). In addition to being a featured blogger for Sojourners, she is the author of Salvation on the Small Screen? 24 Hours ofChristian Television and a contributor to Rising from the Ashes: Rethinking Church. Nadia blogs at


Emily Bowen, an ordained minister inthe Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is a pastor at Brentwood ChristianChurch in Springfield, Missouri, where she lends leadership to the Awakening, an emerging worship gatheringdeeply rooted in progressive theology. She leads numerous workshops on emergingapproaches to worship and is the coauthor of Toward a Hopeful Future: Why the Emergent Church is Good News forMainline Congregations.



Nate Frambach,an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is Professor of Youth, Culture & Mission at WartburgTheological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, and is the author of EmergingMinistry: Being Church Today. He has published articles on ecclesiology andmissiology in Currents in Theology andMission, Word & World and The Journalof Youth and Theology and has spoken on these themes in various venuesincluding synod assemblies and theological conferences. He also serves on the Boardof Directors of the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. You can visithis web home at



Matthew Gallionis a graduate student at Missouri State University where he is pursuing an Religious Studies. Matt studies responses to American evangelicalism inpostmodern contexts, particularly the emerging church and the emergentconversation, and the intersection of faith and culture, particularly incrossing the Òdigital divide.Ó He is the author of ÒThe Price of Freedom:Bribery, the Philippian Gift, and PaulÕs Choice in Philippians 1:19-26,Ó whichwon the prize for best graduate paper at the annual meeting of the CentralStates Society of Biblical Literature. He received his B.A. from SouthwestBaptist University and currently serves as Pastoral Resident at National AvenueChristian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Springfield, Missouri.



Brandon Gilvin,an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), currentlyserves as the Associate Director of Week of Compassion and is the author of Solving the Da Vinci Code Mystery,coauthor of Wisdom from The Five PeopleYou Meet in Heaven, and coeditor of Chalice PressÕs WTF? (WhereÕs the Faith?) series.



ElaineHeath is the McCreless Associate Professor ofEvangelism at Southern Methodist University, and the director of the Center forMissional Wisdom. She is ordained in the UnitedMethodist Church. Her recent publications include The Mystic Way of Evangelism: A Contemplative Vision for ChristianOutreach; Naked Faith: The MysticalTheology of Phoebe Palmer; and Longingfor Spring: A New Vision for Wesleyan Community, coauthored with Scott T. Kisker.


Carol Howard Merritt, an ordainedminister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is a pastor at WesternPresbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. She is the author of Tribal Church: Ministering to the MissingGeneration and Reframing Hope: VitalMinistry in a New Generation. She leads numerous workshops around thecountry as well as webinars sponsored by the Alban Institute. She is also theco-host of the Internet Radio Show, TheGod Complex, with Bruce Reyes-Chow.



Ross Lockhart, an ordained ministerin the United Church of Canada, is the Lead Pastor at West Vancouver UnitedChurch in West Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to being the author of Gen X, Y Faith and co-editor of Three Ways of Grace, Ross is a leaderfor the United Church of Canada's "Emerging Spirit" initiative.



Christopher Rodkey,an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, is Pastor of Zion ÒGoshertÕsÓ United Church of Christ in Lebanon,Pennsylvania, and teaches at Lebanon Valley College. He holds doctorates fromDrew University (Ph.D.) and Meadville Lombard Theological School (D.Min.). His work as pastor and scholar focuses upon aforced intersection between pastoral theology and philosophy, with particularinterests in radical expressions of the Christian faith. His book, The Synaptic Gospel, engagesphenomenology and neuroscience to offer a pastoral theology of pan-generationalworship and religious education. He lectures often on the practice of youthministry and is an occasional contributor to the blog, An und fŸr sich.



NanetteSawyer, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), is thefounding pastor of Wicker Park Grace, an emerging faith community that gathersin an art gallery on the west side of Chicago. She has blogged for the ChristianCentury at and at In additionto being a featured speaker at various events, including Christianity 21 andThe Big Event of RevGalBlogPals, she has taught as anadjunct instructor at McCormick Theological Seminary. She is a contributorto An Emergent Manifesto of Hope and the author of Hospitality:The Sacred Art.


Phil Snider is an ordained minister inthe Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and a pastor at Brentwood ChristianChurch in Springfield, Missouri. He is the coauthor of Toward a HopefulFuture: Why the Emergent Church is Good News for Mainline Congregations andcontributor to Banned Questions about Jesus. He blogsat


TimothySnyder is a lay-minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He iscofounder of The Netzer Co-Op, an emerging communityin Austin, Texas. A graduate of Texas Lutheran University and Luther Seminary,Snyder is the author of ÒEmerging ChurchÓ in Religion-Compass, as well as several other articles on faith andculture. He is currently the managing editor of GENERATE Magazine and thankfulfor the friendships of both Emergent Village and Luthermergent.He blogs regularly at



StephanieSpellers, an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, is the lead organizer ofThe Crossing, an emergent community rooted at St. PaulÕs Episcopal Cathedral inBoston, Massachusetts. In addition to serving as co-chair of the EpiscopalChurch's Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism, she is the U.S. editorand contributor to Ancient Faith, FutureMission: Fresh Expressions in the Sacramental Tradition and author of Radical Welcome: Embracing God, the Otherand the Spirit of Transformation.





“Here’s a baker’s dozen of the most influential Hyphenateds in this country talking boldly and unapologetically about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it. Whether one is an emergence Christian or a mainline Christian or a traditional Christian or even a disaffected Christian, one has the opportunity here to look at the future through the lens of an evolving present. What’s written here is intimately told, without apology, and with no holds barred.”
-Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence, How Christianity Is Changing and Why

“I’m normally an upbeat person, but I get a little depressed when I see religious communities retrenching, reacting, defending, and engaging in more boundary-maintenance than bridge-building. That’s why I find this volume so helpful and hopeful. It’s about faith communities exploring, creating, admitting faults, and bridging divides on all sides. You’ll meet Christian leaders who are obviously bright, passionately committed, and downright fascinating, people I’m so glad to know as companions in this wild journey of emergence.”
-Brian D. McLaren, author/speaker/activist (

“[Hyphenateds] recognize that they are in a new relationship, but they also know where they come from. They want to be fully in the emerging family, but as a product of another family... The ecclesial hyphenateds are doing what they can to live in a complex blended family.”
-Doug Pagitt, author of Church in the Inventive Age, founder of Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis

"The Hyphenateds will give you a clear sense of a new generation of leaders' hope-filled vision for the church."
-Martha Grace Reese, author of the Unbinding the Gospel series and director of the Mainline Evangelism Project