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10 Great Books That Also Help Heal the World

10 Great Books That Also Help Heal the World

Can reading a great book get any better? Actually, it can, when a portion of that book’s proceeds benefit a charitable organization that serves social causes and the common good. 

Here are 10 books that will not only inspire you to become a better person, but will also help financially support an important cause in the world, such as Habitat for Humanity, the National Parks Conservation Association, and Week of Compassion, to name just a few. Several other Chalice Press books support seminaries, denominational ministries, and congregations around the world. Now when you read a book from Chalice Press, you’re also giving back and helping to heal the world.  

Habitat for Humanity of Wake County’s (NC) Interfaith Build

Acting on Faith: Stories of Courage, Activism, and Hope Across Religions

Ever wonder what your neighbors of different faiths think -- and do -- about today’s social justice issues? In this collection of 30 first-person stories from eight different faith traditions, hear from everyday people whose faith has inspired acts of justice and love amidst our world’s violence and divisions. Acting on Faith inspires hope and encourages personal action through concrete examples of faithfulness, justice, and love from  those  on  the  front  lines  of  activism  and  advocacy.

Forum for Theological Exploration

Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose

Learn to lead profound change that is deeply connected to your inner well-being and to your communities of accountability. 

Another Way, as well as the next three books below, is a collaboration with the Forum for Theological Exploration (FTE), a national incubator for young progressive Christian leaders, with an emphasis on leaders of color. Proceeds of this book support the work of FTE. 

Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership and Awakening Community Ferguson and Faith demonstrates that being called to lead a faithful life can take us to places we never expected to go, with people who never expected us to join hands with them. The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August of 2014 reignited a long-smoldering movement for justice, with many St. Louis-area clergy






Stakes Is High by Michael W. Waters                                 

In this powerful book, pastor, activist, and community leader Michael Waters blends hip-hop lyricism and social justice leadership, creating an urgent voice demanding that America listen to the suffering if it hopes to redeem its soul. Weaving stories from centuries of persecution against the backdrop of today’s urban prophets on the radio and in the streets, Waters speaks on behalf of an awakened generation raging against racism.



Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community, and Surviving to Adulthood A story balancing the tension between pain and healing, Nobody Cries When We Die takes you to the places that make American society flinch, redefines what you are called to do with your life, and gives you strength to save lives and lead in your own community. 


Soul Repair Center at Brite Divinity School 

 Military Moral Injury and Spiritual Care: A Resource for Religious Leaders and Professional Caregivers

Military moral injury describes lifelong wounds of conscience afflicting military personnel who make life-and-death choices under duress or witness actions that later haunt them. With the suicide rate for veterans reaching 22 deaths per day, religious leaders, faith communities, and professional caregivers need resources and strategies for understanding and responding to the challenging ways military moral injury plagues veterans and their families. 

Church World Service and Week of Compassion

Help and Hope: Disaster Preparedness and Response Tools for Congregations

In these times of disaster and tragedy, churches are called to provide sanctuary, hope, and practical aid. Filled with first-hand accounts from disaster-struck communities, Help and Hope provides practical instructions for pastors and volunteers who want to prepare now so they are ready when tragedy happens.


 National Parks Conservation Association 

America's Holy Ground: 61 Faithful Reflections on Our National Parks

America's Holy Ground takes you on a spiritual adventure of a lifetime. Explore the beauty and wonder of America’s 61 national parks in this unique national park devotional, filled with nearly 200 breathtaking photos and reflections from all of the parks. As you explore each park anew (or for the first time!), listen for God’s voice speaking to you from the canyons, streams, mountains, and forests. 


America's Sacred Sites: 50 Faithful Reflections on Our National Monuments and Historic Landmarks

America’s Sacred Sites explores a National Park Service site in each of the 50 states, from Mount Rushmore, Pearl Harbor, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, to the lesser known Knife River Villages, New Orleans Jazz Historical Park, and Dinosaur National Memorial, to name just a few. As authors Brad Lyons and Bruce Barkhauer reflect on the history and significance of each site, they consider a unique trait of each landmark and connect it to your own life.  

Young Clergy Women International

When Kids Ask Hard Questions: Faith-filled Responses for Tough Topics

From suicide to racism, from sexuality to natural disasters, from divorce to deathand more, When Kids Ask Hard Questions models thoughtful and faithful responses to the big questions kids are asking today. Learn to create safe spaces for the important, on-going conversations you’ll want to have with all the kids you love and care for.



Cover photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

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