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Free Shipping on Orders Over $25
Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

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Everybody loves free stuff!  Scroll through our collection of free resources to get a better idea of our products and ministry. Sign up for as many resources as you want - and check out the full offerings throughout our website, where book previews, study guides, videos, and other free resources are listed on specific product pages.

Finding Courage in Challenging Times Ebook

Talking to Kids About Gun Violence Sample Chapter


Coloring Mothers of the Bible Mini-Coloring Book


The Beloved Community Today E-Book


10 Facts Every Church Needs to Know
about Suicide Prevention


Download the Anxious to Talk about It  Sampler



Get the Drawing on Holy Currencies Stewardship Starter Kit



Get the bonus chapter from Transforming Communities

Sign up for the Family Faith Moments 7-Day Start-Up Plan and Get the FREE E-book by Traci Smith

Download Your Free Preaching in the Era of Trump Primer


Get Your Free Sample of Unbinding Your Church



Request Your FREE Progressive Christian Voter’s Guide--UPDATED October 2016



Get Rachelle Mee-Chapman's "Relig-ish Blessings Collection" FREE



Get FREE Basic Training for Ministry with Military Veterans and Their Families



FREE E-book of Towards the "Other America": Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter by Chris Crass


Download your free Coloring Advent bulletin inserts

The First 5 Days of Coloring Lent Sample