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Write for Chalice Press

About Chalice Media Group
Chalice Media Group supports a diverse base of authors and customers as the go-to publisher for books and materials on social justice, inclusive community, spirituality, and leadership development.

A Key Part of a Chalice Press contract
Every Chalice contract begins with an "Affirmation of Diversity."

The Christian Board of Publication and its imprints affirm the faith and gifts of persons regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender expression and will not publish material that opposes this affirmation.

If you have questions about what that means, be sure to let us know early in the process.

What We Publish

Chalice Media Group produces resources focused on social justice, anti-racism, inclusion, parenting, congregational life and leadership, and other areas that combine to make the world a more loving, more inclusive place for all. Our multiple divisions offer unique product offerings such as nonfiction books, novels, church camp curriculum, church resources, and podcasts. Founded in 1911, Chalice Media Group is legally known as the Christian Board of Publication and is a registered nonprofit, 501(c)3 corporation.

What We Don't Publish
At present, we are not acquiring children’s books, poetry, dissertations, cookbooks, festschrifts, or newsletter columns.

Submitting your proposal

Chalice Press is currently not accepting proposals. Thank you for your interest in writing for Chalice!