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Best Christmas Gift Books on Faith and Spirituality

Best Books for Christmas 2020: A Holiday Gift Guide

This Christmas season, we’ve got the perfect book gift for everyone on your list! From activists to armchair travelers, from parents to teachers, from faith leaders to skeptics, Chalice Press has the book to uplift, inspire, and encourage family, friends, and coworkers. Browse our best book gifts by category below and give the gift of faith and spirituality to friends and loved ones this Covid Christmas!

Gift Books for Parents

Gift Books for Activists

Gift Books for Curious Christians

Gift Books for Spiritual Friends and Family

Gift Books for Armchair Travelers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and National Park Lovers

Gift Books for Leaders, Preachers, and Pastors

Gift Books for Teachers

    Click here for more “best holiday gift books” for everyone on your Christmas list! 


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