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Messages of Hope: How to Face Uncertainty

Messages of Hope: How to Face Uncertainty

We hope you find peace and comfort during these times of uncertainty in our new weekly blogs filled with hope and strength. The first one below is from one of our inspiring releases Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose.

--The Chalice Press Team

Selections from the Another Way Manifesto from Another Way: Living and Leading Change on Purpose
  • Strengthen your capacity to embrace mystery by thinking about, playing with, and adapting to uncertainty, because it, like death, is inevitable.
  • Sing, dance, move, take a meditative walk, and engage other embodied practices. Integrating these ways of knowing moves us past the places where we get stuck.
  • In the face of uncertainty and destabilization, give yourself permission to prioritize experimentation and prototyping. Pay attention to history, power, justice, and equity or you will merely make change without making a difference.
  • The wisdom of our ancestors is always present and available to us, so remember to welcome them as we face the most difficult tasks of our lives.
  • Cultivate new possibilities that emerge by resisting the tyranny of either or. Hold the paradoxes that shape our communal life with patience and curiosity. 
Download the Another Way Manifesto by clicking on the image below.

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