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Sweeten up Hard Conversations about Grief and Dying with a ‘Death Over Dessert ‘Club

Sweeten up Hard Conversations about Grief and Dying with a ‘Death Over Dessert ‘Club

Death, dying, and grief has become all the more real during this global pandemic ... and still, very few of us are prepared to talk about it.

Now, former hospital chaplain and “grief guru" Dana Trent offers a way to make talking about death and dying less scary. With the new “
Death Over Dessert” Discussion Guide, you’ll learn how to start a virtual Dessert Club where you can talk about and cope with feelings of grief, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and pain around death and dying, on both a personal and global level.

What it is:  “Death Over Dessert” is a virtual small group space that helps us name the hard stuff. The pandemic brought heavy losses to our homes and communities. Let’s talk about it, preferably over chocolate.

What it is NOT: “Death Over Dessert” is not a magic eraser. It is not meant to solve death nor the world’s problems. It is a sweet gathering of thoughtful people who want to listen, share, and encourage one another.

Who can participate? Anyone! Dessert First is recommended as a practical resource for learning how to talk about and cope with grief, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and the pain associated with anticipatory and actual death on a global and personal level. This book and virtual group is for the worried, the anxious, the sad, the bereaved, the caregivers, the front line pandemic professionals, the parents, the jugglers of family and work, and all those who’ve longed to make meaning out of life--and death.

Who can lead? If you’ve read Dessert First, you’d make an excellent virtual leader. Use this free small group guide and the “How We Gather” and “The 10 Commitments” from the new Death Over Dessert Discussion Guide as a framework for gathering your “Death Over Dessert” group.

Please note that for bulk orders of 10 or more, author J. Dana Trent is available for pop in at your “Death Over Dessert” group! (After your purchase, email to schedule your Zoom visit.)

Download the Death Over Dessert Discussion Guide today and get ready to feed your soul ... and sweet tooth today. 

Connect with Dana and share your reflections, questions, and comments with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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