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  • Happy Father's Day!
    June 19, 2022

    Happy Father's Day!

    Please enjoy this excerpt from Dear Son: Raising Faithful, Just, and Compassionate Men (letters from Jonathan B. Hall and Beau T. Underwood to their young sons) My joy at first seeing you is hard to express in words. In an instant, my...

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  • Memorial Day: Honoring Our Heroes With Honesty
    May 30, 2022

    Memorial Day: Honoring Our Heroes With Honesty

    by Rev. Sheila M. Beckford and Rev. E. Michelle Ledder, Ph.D. Honoring our history is a tricky thing. At times, our insistence to celebrate the good outweighs the necessity of revealing anything that contradicts an inspirational or heart-warming narrative. Especially...

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  • Why We're Publishing "Parenting for a Better World"
    May 24, 2022

    Why We're Publishing "Parenting for a Better World"

      When the proposal for Parenting for a Better World arrived last year, it immediately captured our imagination. Combining two topics, social justice and parenting, that Chalice has been addressing for years, Dr. Ellen Ott Marshall and Rev. Dr. Susanna...

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  • Christian, clergy, and pro-choice
    May 10, 2022

    Christian, clergy, and pro-choice

    By Rev. Jamie Lynn Haskins I’m Christian. I’m clergy. I’m pro-choice.  There are people who would tell you these three statements are contradictory, that you can’t be both Christian and support a woman’s right to choose, that religious leaders cannot stand with...

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  • Why We're Publishing "Colors of Hope"
    April 19, 2022

    Why We're Publishing "Colors of Hope"

    Everybody—everybody—needs to know God loves them, as they were created, no exceptions. Tragic can’t begin to describe the tremendous discrimination and hatred shown toward the LGBTQ+ community by people who honestly believe Jesus taught his followers to behave in such...

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  • Why We're Publishing "Dear Son"
    March 29, 2022

    Why We're Publishing "Dear Son"

    Becoming a parent can be anybody’s most important life-changing event, and that change brings pressure (both external and self-imposed) to get it right — worse, to get it perfect — on the first try. The very first words of Dear...

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  • Is it Chalice Press or a scammer?
    March 14, 2022

    Is it Chalice Press or a scammer?

    In the past few days, a scammer masquerading as Chalice Press (how most people know us) or the Christian Board of Publication (our corporate name) sent fake invoices to people with no previous connection to our company. Obviously that didn’t...

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