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When Kids Ask Hard Questions, Volume 2: More Faith-Filled Responses for Tough Topics

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edited by Bromleigh McCleneghan and Karen Ware Jackson


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From the creators of When Kids Ask Hard Questions comes MORE questions—and thank goodness, responses!—on today’s tough topics. In an increasingly complex world, children deserve thoughtful responses informed by our progressive faith values. In this second volume for parents, teachers, and faith leaders, respected experts, pastors, and parents address more than two dozen tough topics, offering theological perspectives and suggestions for comforting and spiritually guiding children.  

Topics include:

  • identity: race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender
  • immigration
  • school, education, school choice
  • disability, health topics, hospitalization
  • mental Illness and mental health: anxiety, depression
  • social change and social justice
  • environmental issues
  • war & injustice
  • sexual abuse



This treasure trove of 30 thoughtfully crafted essays offers solid, practical advice and resources to all who nurture children in this turbulent world. Addressing tough topics as abuse, vaping, white supremacy and more, this title is an absolute must for every progressive parent, teacher, and children's ministry leader.—Glenys Nellist, author of the Love Letters from God and Little Mole series

Wise, nuanced, compassionate, and practical. When Kids Ask Hard Questions models honesty and humility—a willingness to admit what we don’t know, then do the work of listening and learning. Above all, this collection reassures us that hard questions are not something to be feared or avoided, but can be doorways into deeper conversation and connection.—Laura Alary, author of Read, Wonder, Listen: Stories for the Bible for Young Readers

“Relevant, spiritual, and profound responses for everyone who cares for the holistic development of kids in a beautiful follow up volume. We may not be able to answer kids’ hard questions, but they deserve thoughtful and honest responses to their real concerns. This book will help us do that.”—Cindy Wang Brandt, author of Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness and children’s book, You Are Revolutionary.

"Adults often fear conversations that might involve the dreaded words, 'I don’t know.' When Kids Ask Hard Questions Vol. 2 equips adults with some perspective for complicated conversation, but more importantly invites them to be authentic."—Rev. Lee Yates, Pastor,  Parent, Curriculum Writer

 We have a choice about how we raise our children with eyes and ears attuned to self, others and our world. Because “things are just different now” read this second collection of articles to help you support a child’s questions, as difficult, challenging and amazing as they may be.—Rev. Dr. Elizabeth F. Caldwel, author of I Wonder, Engaging a Child’s Curiosity About the Bible