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Postcolonial Theologies

SKU 9780827230019

edited by Catherine KellerMichael Nausner, and Mayra Rivera


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A theology in tune with postcolonial theory has the potential to creatively inform and transform ecclesial practice. Focusing on the relation of theology to postcolonial theory, Postcolonial Theologies brings together a wide diversity of authors, many of them fresh and exciting theological voices, in essays that are stunningly creative and prophetically lucid. All essays are theologically constructive, not merely deconstructive or critical, in their visions for Christianity. Forming a sort of doctrinal landscape, they emerge under the themes of theological anthropology shaped by ethnicity, class, and privilege; a Christology that intersects the claims of Christ and empire; and a Cosmology that imagines a postcolonial world.



“This book deftly uses postcolonial theory not only to deconstruct, but to (re)construct theological reflection; in addition, it not only ‘applies’ postcolonial theory to theology but also explores what theology may contribute to postcolonial inquiry. There are fresh and refreshing ruminations on theological anthropology, christology, and divinity, but also captivating contentions with pressing issues of our times like disability, diversity, ecology, and the global economy.”
—Tat-siong Benny Liew, Chicago Theological Seminary