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Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People over 60: Creating Community across Generations

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by Edward H. Hammett


Seasoned church consultant Edward H. Hammett shares his latest insights and suggestions for churches seeking to serve all generations. This is an updated version of Hammett’s 2007 book Reaching People Under 40 while Keeping People Over 60 that expands the reach another decade and emphasizes diversity with insight from new contributors Paul L. Anderson and Cornell Thomas.

A TCP Books title.

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In 2007 Eddie Hammett published Reaching People under 40 While Keeping People over 60, a title that at that time reflected the transformational concerns of nearly every church in the country. In the following eight years little has changed and much has changed. Little, in that the premise of the title remains the same, attracting and keeping people in that age bracket. Much, in that Hammett’s 2015 revision of the book has had to revise the title to Reaching People under 30 while Keeping People over 60 [2015, The Columbia Partnership].

Hammett quotes a pastor who approached him with the concern that her church was once homogenous, but now 'the community is changing rapidly, and the church does not know how to deal with the growing diversity of ethnic groups, value systems, economic realities, different family systems, and a host of different beliefs and views of spirituality.'

That quote pretty well sums up why a revision was required after only eight years, and how the culture has impacted the American church in that time, resulting in 50 new pages in the new edition, with a lot of it on matters of ethnicity and multi-cultural groups and congregations. In truth, the American church isn’t keeping up with the changes going on around it. We are losing ground in the task to which Jesus has called us, the Great Commission......

The 2015 edition, says Hammett, will bring “guidance for being church amid increasing elements of diversity.” There are several topics that surface repeated in his research that center around: • “What are the distinctives of doing church in a multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational community? What are the challenges? What are the benefits? • “What are the challenges of creating a parallel structure for the younger generation in a multicultural and multigenerational faith community? • “How does a multisite, multiworship service church retain focus, community and unity without forced uniformity?” Hammett supplies supplemental information on his website that helps you stay current with teaching supplements. It’s a great, important book, with an eternal title—and now even better." ― Ronald Keener, Church Central,, 1/19/2016 (Read the entire review here)
“Eddie Hammett has done it again! He’s taken the basics of a wonderful book, updated the thoughts to today, and brings a treasured and timely resource to the church. The 30 somethings and 60 somethings of today are a bit different from those when the book was first written. So, in typical ‘Hammett’ style, he revisits these age segments bringing fresh insights into these new generations. What a gift! The result is a wonderful awareness to the opportunities facing church leaders and creative ways to respond. Thank you, Eddie, for your creativity, your love for the church, and your coaching giftedness.” ―Bo Prosser, coordinator for congregational life, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

“Whether you prefer research and statistics, opinion polls, or anecdotal narrative, you will appreciate this book. Eddie has written a thorough, thought-provoking, enlightening, and practical text for all congregational leaders facing the challenges of ministry in this century. He has done the research for us, and he adds his own wisdom from years of experience working with congregational leadership as a coach, educator, and mentor. As a Presbyterian who works in an ecumenical setting, I know how important it is that Christian leaders listen to the stories and ideas of people from different faith traditions. Although most of Eddie's stories and theological perspective comes out of the Baptist tradition, his writing permeates denominational boundaries. This book covers it all! Eddie gives congregational leaders a blueprint for transforming their churches while keeping every generation included, nurtured, and engaged. Though there is no miracle fix-it for ministry today, this book is a powerful tool.” ―Rev. Dr. Peggy Cecil Hinds, Coach, Consultant & Facilitator, currently serving as Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches.