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Siblings by Choice: Race, Gender, and Violence

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by Archie Smith, Jr. and Ursula Riedel-Pfaefflin


Exploring the historical, social, political, economic, and ecological dynamics that shape who we are and how we relate to one another, Smith and Riedel-Pfaefflin uncover the many layers and complexities of race, gender, class, and violence that make change difficult to achieve and sustain, and discuss the significance of an intercultural sibling metaphor for the teaching and training of pastoral care and counseling. They incorporate art, myth, history, social sciences, and scripture to demonstrate how the concepts of intercultural realities, systemic thinking, and narrative agency help us to understand historical processes that still have an influence on today's problems of violence between cultures, races, gender, and religions. Smith and Riedel-Pfaefflin offer their own life experiences, enlightenment from theological giants, teaching tools, group exercises, and case studies to build more culturally competent counseling and teaching and to enhance personal and social transformation.



“Finally we have a book that is awake to history and that places pastoral care on the world stage. This volume courageously investigates how culturally diverse humans may actually fashion sibling relationships across incalculable divides.”
—Larry Kent Graham, Iliff School of Theology

Siblings by Choice reveals that the messages and conversations that we internalize and that impact the way we behave are rooted in sociohistorical realities related to violence, war, and terrorism. Pastoral care and counseling must always view the problems of individuals, families, and small groups of people with their broadest historical and social contexts.”
—Edward P. Wimberly, Interdenominational Theological Center