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Staying Alive: Why the Conventional Wisdom about Traditional Churches Is Wrong

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by Mark Wingfield

From The Columbia Partnership (TCP) Leadership Series

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The conventional wisdom says it's not possible to thrive today as a traditional congregation whether "traditional" means worship style or program structure. Staying Alive takes readers on a journey across America to look for best practices of thriving traditional congregations. From the author
If you're a pastor or church leader who's ever wondered if it's possible to succeed today as a "traditional" Protestant church, this book is for you. If you want to know practical ideas that are working in Protestant churches in America--churches that are driven by traditional programs and structures--this book is for you. This book is the product of a six-week sabbatical research project that took me from Dallas, Texas, to New York City, Connecticut, Houston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Iowa, Los Angeles, San Diego and Atlanta to look at Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational and Reformed churches. My goal was to find out what best practices are sustaining healthy traditional congregations.

From The Columbia Partnership (TCP) Leadership Series