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Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time

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by MaryAnn McKibben Dana

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"Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy." Yeah, right. Sabbath-keeping seems quaint in our 24/7, 21st Century world. Life often feels impossibly full, what with work, to-do lists, kid activities, chores, and errands. And laundry… always and forever the laundry.

But the Sabbath isn't just one of the ten commandments; it is a delight that can transform the other six days of the week. Join one family's quest to take Sabbath to heart and change their frenetic way of living by keeping a Sabbath day each week for one year. With lively and compelling prose, MaryAnn McKibben Dana documents her experiment with holy time as a guide for families of all shapes and sizes. Tips are included in each chapter to help make your own Sabbath experiment successful.

Published in partnership with the The Young Clergy Women

Join the Sabbath in the Suburbs Journey! We’ve got a discussion guide, supplemental videos, suggestions for group activities and retreats, and other goodies for book clubs, Sunday School classes, and other folks making their way through Sabbath in the Suburbs. Download the free resources.


Named a “Must-Read for Ministry” by Ministry Matters 

"Dana, a Presbyterian pastor, brings a fresh voice and energy to the familiar topic of time management as understood by people who would describe themselves as either religious or spiritual but not religious: Sabbath-keeping. She writes from a perspective that many can relate to, that of a suburban mother of three who works part-time. Bringing the gift of self-awareness and irony, Dana notes that a four-minute difference in school bus rides ought not to prompt a letter-writing campaign from anxious parents. She also brings theological awareness of the historical practice and meaning of Sabbath-keeping. Dana writes in a distinct voice about making a traditional religious practice meaningful to contemporary families.”–Publishers Weekly

“This accessible, realistic book combines narrative and reflection. Written by a young Presbyterian pastor who is the mother of three young children (ages three, five, and seven), it chronicles a year-long quest for a different relationship with time. Along the way, MaryAnn Dana not only learns to see life through the eyes and minds of her children, but also finds her own inner stillness and calm. I wish this book had been available when I was raising my own children.”–Joanne Staebler, Interpretation