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Addiction and Spirituality

SKU 9780827200234

by Oliver J. Morgan and Merle Jordan

Exploring the role of spirituality in addiction and recovery, Addiction and Spirituality contributes to the ongoing conversation on spirituality and addiction, acknowledging the widespread and destructive impact of addiction in modern American society.

A diverse group of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, pastoral counselors, recovery counselors, pastors, and spiritual directors, the authors were selected for their relevant expertise and interest in understanding the connection between spirituality, addiction, and recovery. Each experience working with addicted individuals.

While contemporary models for addiction treatment have made significant progress, some specialists recognize the potential significance of spirituality as a missing variable in understanding and addressing addiction. The power of spirituality in healing and ongoing sobriety is acknowledged by programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve Step programs, prompting clinicians and researchers to seek a better understanding of its role.

The book compiles reflective essays from experts in various disciplines, each providing their own approach to working with addicted individuals, discussing the spiritual dimension of addiction and recovery, and suggesting directions for future research. The chapters encompass clinical perspectives, pastoral-clinical insights, recovery specialists' experiences, and contributions from pastors and spiritual directors.

The authors draw upon their clinical work, theological reflections, biblical narratives, and personal experiences to shed light on the spiritual aspect of addiction and recovery. The book aims to foster collaboration among different disciplines and offer creative approaches to addressing addictive illness within congregations and recovery groups.

The editors emphasize the authors' efforts to maintain sensitivity to diversity and women's issues, using inclusive language and inviting readers from various backgrounds to benefit from its insights, including addiction scientists, treatment specialists, pastoral caregivers, students, and individuals in recovery.

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