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Faith after Ferguson: Resilient Leadership in Pursuit of Racial Justice

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By Leah Gunning Francis

Coming Summer 2021; available for order here in July.

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Learn from the courageous and resilient leaders on the front lines for justice and discover new ways of leading in the movement for racial justice.

Leah Gunning Francis (Ferguson and Faith, 2015) revisits the clergy and activists from the front lines of the Ferguson, MO, Black Lives Matter protests, to hear what they’ve learned in the struggle for justice and healing five years later. Weaving the personal accounts of more than a dozen activists and clergy with her own experiences of the past five years, Francis offers profound new insights on faith-filled living in response to social injustice as well as lessons for organizing and mobilizing people to effect real change.

Francis also reflects on the traumatic impact of the four years under the Trump administration, and the more recent events of racism and white supremacy in the killing of George Floyd, the presidential election, and the Capitol riots in January 2021.

The wisdom that emerges out of the stories in each chapter challenge us to awaken all of our senses and equip us to join God’s transformative work of racial justice.