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Journey through the Psalms

SKU 9780827217140

by Denise Dombkowski Hopkins


Reclaim the psalms for true worship, as well as prayer, as you learn how to approach God with the emotional intensity of the ancient psalmists.

Denise Dombkowski Hopkins combines the insights of scholarship on the Psalms with artwork, liturgy, song, and poetry, to give us a new way to use the Psalms in our life of faith together, to empower our corporate identity and revitalize our worship. She examines how the Psalms formed the worship of ancient synagogues and earliest churches and how they can do the same for our churches today.

Reflective questions bring worship leaders and individuals alike to a new awareness of the power of the Psalms to enrich public worship and private devotions with an honesty that does not turn away from the realities of suffering and anger.


“This study by Hopkins will greatly aid the way in which congregational life may have access to new psalm research, and to the way in which a new understanding can be promptly transposed into practice.”
—Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary