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Gifts of the Spiritual Wilderness

SKU 9780827212930

by J. Dana Trent


Everyone encounters a wilderness experience in their life, many of us more than one. Even Jesus was not immune as the Bible records his 40 days in the wilderness. Since we all have our wilderness experience, what can we learn from Jesus's own moments of existential loneliness, hunger and temptation?

Gifts of the Spiritual Wilderness is a new lenten devotional will help you contemplate, process, and explore how does Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness intersects with your own 21st century experiences:

  • what gifts can be found,
  • how a spiritual drought can create a more meaningful Lent experience,
  • what fasting, sacrifice, and temptation look like in our daily lives; and 
  • how we prepare to experience new life on the side of the Lenten journey. 
Through daily devotions with scripture, meditations, practices, prayers, and "living water" tools for our parched lives, Gifts of the Spiritual Wilderness guides you on a contemplative and transformative journey through the wilderness to resurrection living.