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Rise: An Authentic Lenten Devotional

SKU 9780827233119

by John Pavlovitz


From the bestselling author of LOW: An Honest Advent Devotional comes a new devotional for Lent and Easter considering the ways we are called to rise from the depths in our spiritual journey.

In this new Lenten devotional, popular progressive Christian author John Pavlovitz once again takes us on a transformative spiritual journey. Like the human experience, the spiritual journey is not a level path. It is about the falling and the rising. We allow our hopes to rise when we are in the middle of the struggle. We wait for the sun to rise, knowing that joy comes in the morning. We rise to our feet after falling to our knees in desperate prayer. We rise when we are knocked from our feet, persistent in this. We rise to meet the coming day, knowing we are held by a Love that will have the last word.

Rise is a 40-day journey of elevated hopes and ascending spirits. Each entry includes scripture, a reflection, and a prayer.