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Blessed Youth Survival Guide

SKU 9780827203235

by Sarah Griffith Lund

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Today's youth need to hear the message "It’s okay to not be okay." They need to know hope and help are always available. Blessed Youth Survival Guide offers the tools youth need to survive when they are feeling disconnected, confused, and alone. This survival guide is specifically for youth and covers topics that today's youth will undoubtedly face such as anxiety, sadness, depression, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, PTSD, trauma, and therapy. Blessed Youth Survival Guide helps youth recognize when they are experiencing an issue and encourages them to tell a parent, doctor, or another adult who can help them receive the appropriate care. Youth are encouraged to be proactive with their mental health by developing good overall health practices and taking a Safety Pledge — a pledge to promise to identify three people who they can contact if they begin having thoughts of self-harm and/or suicide.

Also available in a multi-pack of 5 guides. Save 20% off when you purchase a multi-pack.