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The Word Disclosed: Preaching the Gospel of John

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By Gail R. O'Day

The intimate presence of God in Jesus can be found in the gospels of John and can transform sermons. But this Fourth Gospel is often difficult to preach because of its long dialogues and intertwined narrative and theology. Unlike the synoptic accounts of Jesus' life, John's gospel does not fit neatly into the rhythms of the lectionary cycle.

Gail O'Day encourages preachers to take on the task of preaching Johannine texts, assimilating these frequently elusive texts into the vital life of the church. Through exegetical guidance, homiletical instruction, and sample sermons, she helps preachers to enter the texts, to be shaped by them, and then to proclaim their message in their fullness.

O'Day invites preachers to preserve the unique voice of Johannine texts by defying the traditional tendency to reduce a scripture passage to a central point, and even to abandon such a reductionist approach to biblical texts in general.

Completely revised and undated, The Word Disclosed focuses on four of the most popular texts in John (passages involving Nicodemaus, the Samaritan woman, the man born blind, and Lazarus) and includes new or extensively revised sermons on other lectionary texts from John and other parts of scripture.