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Inclusion: Making Room for Grace

SKU 9780827216204

by Eric H.F. Law


Inclusion and diversity are commonly discussed concepts today, yet practical, theologically grounded approaches to fostering inclusive communities often lack resources and training.

In this resource for ministers and church leaders, Eric Law provides models, theories, and strategies that are both practical and theologically sound for moving faith communities toward greater inclusion. The focus is on the community perspective, targeting insiders, particularly those in leadership roles. Law introduces new terms like 'boundary challenge,' 'boundary function,' and 'grace margin' to articulate the process of inclusion, acknowledging the limited vocabulary available. The working definition of inclusion presented is a discipline of extending boundaries to consider others' needs, leading to a clearer understanding of oneself and others. Following chapters explore the inclusion process through Christian theological terms and practical facilitation skills. Each chapter concludes with suggested techniques and strategies to help communities respond effectively to boundary challenges.

The central purpose is to guide communities in extending their boundaries to include outsiders' experiences constructively, fostering transformation towards a more gracious and inclusive body of Christ. Law helps readers gain clarity and practical approaches to the discipline of inclusion, incorporating supportive theology into their daily lives and communities."



"Inclusion is an excellent resource for church leaders and ministers seeking better understanding and processes to respond to the diversity of people they serve. Eric Law helps us rediscover that diversity is a gift from God that is to be cherished, not a gift to be ignored or feared-it is making room for grace."
—Ronaldo Cruz, National Conference of Catholic Bishops