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Birthing the Sermon: Women Preachers on the Creative Process

SKU 9780827202306

edited by Jana Childers

Exploring the metaphor of preaching as a mother conceiving and giving birth to faith, "Birthing the Sermon" addresses the historical and contemporary challenges faced by women preachers and aims to answer questions about their role in preaching. The twelve women contributors share their perspectives on the process of conceiving, nourishing, and delivering a sermon, reflecting diverse homiletical styles, theological traditions, and racial-ethnic communities. The book emphasizes the unique experiences of women, drawing parallels between their bodily rhythms and the creative process of preaching. It also seeks to encourage young preachers and explore the origins and sustenance of preaching.

 Contributors and their affiliation include:

  • Barbara Shires Blaisdell (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ))
  • Teresa L. Fry Brown (African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Jana Childers (Presbyterian Church (USA))
  • Linda L. Clader (Episcopal Church)
  • Yvette Flunder (United Church of Christ)
  • Mary G. Graves (Presbyterian Church (USA))
  • Linda Carolyn Loving (Presbyterian Church (USA))
  • Barbara K. Lundblad (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America)
  • Karen Stokes (Presbyterian Church (USA))
  • Barbara Brown Taylor (Episcopal Church)
  • Mary Donovan Turner (Christian Church (Disciples of Christ))
  • Margaret Moers Wenig (Reformed Judiasm)