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Born Apart, Becoming One: Disciples Defeating Racism

SKU 9780827202399

by William Chris Hobgood


Born Apart, Becoming One delves deeply into the relationship between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and its pro-reconciliation/anti-racism initiative with the goal of empowering individuals and congregations to actively dismantle institutional racism. William Chris Hobgood, the former General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), emphasizes that engaging with racism is essential for the vitalization of 21st Century congregations. The book has three sections:

  • an examination of the church's history in relation to racism,
  • exploration of core elements that provide opportunities for anti-racism work, and
  • strategies to move forward in the fight against racism.

The discussions are rooted in the larger framework of being God's people and part of the church of Jesus Christ. Acknowledging the pain and offense caused by racism, Hobgood also expresses gratitude for those who bravely confront it. Hobgood emphasizes that overcoming racism requires whites to acknowledge and relinquish their privilege, while recognizing the support, care, and partnership of People of Color who continue to demonstrate love for God and Jesus Christ, even amidst the struggles.


“Chris Hobgood in this powerful book Born Apart, Becoming One reminds us who we are as followers of Jesus Christ and members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He reminds us in a gripping but gentle way that though the sin of racism is still very much with us, we have a unique opportunity as individuals and congregations to model for the world what it means to be on the journey to becoming one. There are study questions for reflection and practical suggestions to help us take the steps necessary in becoming all we have been called to in Jesus Christ.”
—Alvin O’Neal Jackson, senior pastor, Park Avenue Christian Church, New York

“This book is a hard word of hope and healing hewn from the history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Chris Hobgood traces the heritage of racism that remains embedded in our systems and way of life. Chris lays out a way to understand the power of racism, particularly its systemic nature. He also highlights the healing that can come when wholeness is sought through the application of confessional and covenantal theology.”
—Lari R. Grubbs, regional minister, Christian Church Capital Area

“Chris Hobgood courageously and succinctly gives us hope for fully becoming who we say we are and who God calls us to be—ONE. In one place Chris gives us a concise personal, historical, and theological mandate to ‘dismantle racism.’ If we are honestly looking for ways to wrestle with eradicating racism from our belief and practices, we have been given an excellent ‘prescription’ for applying what we believe and discovering how to live it out collectively as the Church and individually as disciples of Christ. It is a must read.”
—Brenda Cardwell, pastor, Pilgrimage Christian Church, Suitland, Maryland